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Look who came back...

haha cool...just wanted to give my 5 so this thang can't get bammed.good work tho...

ErnestoGod responds:

Fuck Yea! biatches! the bastard from venezuela came back, hahaha thnx bro! tiempo que no te veía por NG o.o pensé que ya no entrabas D: pero bueno! muchas gracias! ;)


So smooth...i used to be the "i like trains kid" , then i took a train to the knee...

"dear lord can you feel me?!"

You just made my day.

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not original

well original or not,this game had a lot of potential...maybe was the right-click trick that gave the players like me the deception of a "too-easy" gameplay.
you should remove that right click glitch.i can help you with that .just pm me.


well i know trhat the graphical part of this game is too much simple but thinking on the as of this...this is the best madness oriented thing i've ever seen!!!!it's simply awsum !!! there are a few glitches but the engine was awesome!!! if you need any ideas for a next one i have one:make it a level based ame like diferent level qith diferent appearences and trextures
i need to ask:wich 3D engine did u use?

HonterGames responds:

I created the engine myself

godd graphics and plot

for what i have seen,the graphics are cool,not only the characters are done in 3d but so are the backgrounds,wivh is gradually more difficult to make than a singke character.the controls where ok,and the battle interface was nice,but i think that the high charge must have some way to be recovered,like a charging energy turn or something.a 10/10 overall.
i may ask,wich 3d programme did you use?i think swfit 3d,but please correct me if i'm wrong

programicks responds:

Hi. I will include extra high charges on level ups in the future.
The 3d is modeled using 3D Studio Max which takes a little time to learn but is worth it :)

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yeah what up with that.pretty cool.bettle juici soundid a 'lil like electronic music but i totally love the part when the inspetor gadget part start it's totally awesome!!!!!
i bet that if inspector gadget would hear this he would be banging his hed and looking demonic.well man cool song overall kepp up the g work!

TheRealSam responds:

XD Yeah I can clearly imagine Gadget headbanging, that would be nice to see :p
Thanks for the review, and about the beetlejuice part, it's just because I love this song :p

fuking amazing

can't talk........dancing....so hardd.....haf......phew..that was hardcore

Darkernest responds:

X'D aim glad yu laik et

vote 5

jejeje por fin la piblicaron!!!!!!bueno igual ya vote espero que pronto subas otra!!!!

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